Terms & conditions


  • Motor vehicles, which are intended and approved for use on public roads.
  • On all roads in the event area road traffic regulations apply. (No backfiring, STOP POSING, compliance with speed limits)
  • Visible attaching of the entry permit for the event area to the inside of the vehicle.
  • Wild camping or sleeping in the car is prohibited in the event area and will lead to withdrawal of the entry permit.
  • The entry permit is not transferable.
  • There is no refund if the entry permit is not used (non-attendance, illness, loss of license, MOT etc.).
  • Any imitation and forgery of the entry permit will be subject to criminal proceedings. Jurisdiction is Klagenfurt.
  • Failure to comply with the legal requirements and the event terms and conditions means that the entry permit may be withdrawn by law enforcement agencies, security agencies and representatives of the organizer.
  • In the event of withdrawal of the entry permit, a refund of the ticket price is not possible.
  • Police video surveillance: in the event area, in accordance with § 54 para.5 of the Security Police Act. Personal data of those present is collected by the Security Forces using imaging devices and is used for the prevention and resolution of dangerous attacks and for manhunt purposes.
  • The bringing of glass containers and glass bottles into the event area and the sale of these in the event area are officially prohibited. Baggage checks take place with the entrance checks.
  • I acknowledge that my data will be stored electronically and used for releases by the organizer.