Frequently Asked Questions


1.) How much does an entry permit cost?
A ticket costs €50,-  application deadline 3rd April 2020

2.) What is included in these 50 euros?
The cost of €50 includes the entry permit for one vehicle, two 4-day admission passes for driver and front passenger for the duration of the event, and a voucher for the participants’ gift.

3.) I need additional 4-day admission passes for my 2nd and 3rd passengers
These can be ordered using the online application, at a cost of €20 each.

4.) When do you need an entry permit?
An entry permit is required for the entire duration of the event. The barriers on the various entry points are in place from Wednesday, 20th may 2020 , 7 am until Saturday, 23rd may 2020, 11 pm.

5.) Do you need an entry permit for a motorcycle?
Yes, you also need an entry permit for single-track vehicles.

6.) Is it possible to transfer my entry permit to another person?

7.) What should I do if I do not yet know my car license plate?
Implementation of the correct online registration. On the “license plate” field click on “to be submitted”. Close the application by making your payment. If you send your license plate number to by 3rd April 2020, your entry permit will be sent to you. After 3rd April 2020 your entry permit will be available for collection at the information office in Maria Wörth. Take the confirmation of your online application with your registration number with you. You present this at the entrance check and buy a deposit slip (not a day ticket) to the value of €50 (this entitles you to enter the event area). Give the license plate number in at the information office, and receive your entry permit and the €50 for the deposit slip.

8.) Do I get my money back if I am ill and cannot participate?

9.) When will the entry permit be sent?
From the mid of April 2020

10.) What is the company number?
The business number or business identification code is obtained from your landlord or accommodation provider – this is the code which the business enters in the guest registration record, and the business is recognized under this code by the home municipality as a provider of accommodation.