The program for the Meeting 2019 is currently in planning. Together with VW, various GTI clubs, municipality employees and other fans and participants we are once again working to create a very special event for you – with lots of highlights.

Events definitely on the agenda are:

Car Parade – you can already register for that HERE!

In 2019, we will once again be driving with all Golf I and II models on the 3rd event day (Wednesday, 9th May) along the picturesque country roads and to idyllic valleys, past lakes and mountains, to a nostalgic place to end the rally. The number of participants is strictly limited, participation itself is free of charge. A snack and a drink are also included for 2 people per car. You only need to have a Golf I or II model and an entry ticket to Reifnitz. Visitors to the Meeting who have already taken part for over 35 years may also participate with a different Golf GTI model.

Ladies’ Breakfast – you can already register for that HERE!

Mayor Markus Perdacher once again invites all female car fans who come to the Meeting with their own GTI (Golf or Polo, as long as it is GTI) to an exclusive breakfast. Enjoy chilled prosecco and tasty delicacies directly on the shores of Lake Wörthersee, with views of romantic Reifnitz Castle. Participation is free of charge. The number of participants is limited. You need to have an entry ticket to Reifnitz.

Club Challenge – you can already register for that HERE!

In 2018, once again, the Friday (11th May) is club day, with a big Club Challenge. Take the challenge with some fun challenges and win cool prizes such as top quality shopping vouchers or a variety of entry tickets to tourist attractions. You need 8 club members to register.

The gradual expansion of the Meeting will also continue this year, and on Friday 4th May, the public lido carpark will be taken over by Andreas Pfeffer (, and on 5th May the Turkish Delight club invites visitors to celebrate with them at ‘Omas Wiese’ party area. These are all unofficial events, but they are popular, relaxed get-togethers that get fans in the mood. Daily from 10am – 6pm there are great cars, cool beats, and regional food.

The BBS main stage will once again be filled with a spectacular programme – with some favourites from previous years and the newest acts.

The Saturday will be a family day. VW already impressed the kids last year with its Kids’ Container, and the council has really improved the playground and made sure there are plenty of clean nappy changing areas. Even more measures are currently being fine-tuned to make this event more appealing to families.

Volkswagen has lots of highlights in the pipeline this year. As some final decisions still need to be made, there is unfortunately nothing official just yet, but if only half of the ideas become reality, then visitors are going to be blown away!
One thing that is definite at Volkswagen is that the popular presenter Miriam Höller and ‘beat expert’ DJ Eric Know will, once again, be making appearances. The Fan Drive and the expert talks at the stand – including on the subject of design – will be expanded, and also the sundowner and the open-air cinema at the stand are essentials that won’t be left out.

The Crew Boxes directly at the stand have already been allocated, and here Volkswagen has managed to put together a great mix of young and old – with the cars as well as the club members. Here, the clubs Kultgarage, NVAG and MIVW will be parking their great cars.
As always, the number of exhibitors remains the same, and we are pleased to report that several new companies have booked spaces to present their products here for the first time.
Fans can look forward to several (car) premieres, not just from VW but also from other exhibitors, but so far it’s all still top secret.
The prices for tickets mostly remain the same – only the day ticket for visitors without cars has increased from 6 to 7 euros, due to the increasing requirements for security, service and sanitary facilities.