Leaflet for exhibitors


Information leaflet for exhibitors from EU member states

1) Commercial law:

A legitimate and relevant business license of the home country is required. A copy of the business license shall be carried at all times.

2) Taxes:

a) Income taxes

No permanent business premises are established in Austria through activities within the scope of the Wörtherseetreffen. Therefore no income tax is payable in Austria on account of these sales or other services. The profits from this operation must be declared and taxed in the home country.

b) VAT

The proceeds are subject to VAT in Austria. The general tax rate is 20% (standard rate).

An entrepreneur can deduct, among other things, the following pre-tax amounts in accordance with § 12 UStG 1994:

taxes shown separately in an invoice (§ 11) sent by other entrepreneurs for deliveries and other services which were carried out for his business within Austria.

An invoice as defined by § 11 para. 2 UStG 1994 shall be any document with which an account is to be settled. It is not necessary for it to be designated an invoice. Any document with which an entrepreneur charges for a delivery or other service, regardless of what it is called, e.g. receipt, billing, is valid as an invoice if it contains the necessary information.

Invoices, the total amount of which does not exceed €150.00 (incl. VAT) (“small-value invoices”), must contain as a minimum the following information:

  • Date of issue
  • Name and address of operator
  • Quantity and usual commercial description of the goods delivered or type and scope of the services otherwise supplied
  • Day on which supply occurred or period of time over which any other service extends
  • Payment and the amount of tax for the delivery or other service in a lump sum
  • The tax rate

If the invoice amount exceeds the above €150.00 (incl. VAT), it must contain as a matter of principle the following information to allow a right of deduction:

  • Name and address of the operator,
  • Name and address of the recipient,
  • Quantity and usual commercial description of the goods delivered or type and scope of other services,
  • Day on which supply occurred or period of time over which any other service extends,
  • Payment (§ 4) and the applicable tax rate, in cases of exemption an indication that an exemption applies for this service,
  • The amount of tax payable,
  • Date of issue,
  • A sequential number, based on one or more series, which uniquely identifies the invoice
  • The UID of the supplier

Foreign entrepreneurs and employees can claim tax deductions for travel expenses only on the basis of invoices. For meals, the costs with fixed amounts for daily allowances are limited (currently €26.40 for a full day).

The costs of overnight stay (incl. a normal local breakfast) are fully tax deductible.

For entrepreneurs who have neither a residence, nor a registered office nor a permanent place of business in Austria, the tax office in Graz is responsible for the levy of VAT.

c) Income tax, employer contributions, municipal tax

Seconded employees in Austria are not liable for income tax or local tax, nor is there an employer’s contribution to the compensation fund for family aid.

If employees are accommodated in the home state only for work related to the above-mentioned event, they are not considered to be seconded employees. In this case, they, like people employed directly in Austria, are subject to national insurance contributions, income tax, profit contributions and local taxes (see also point 3).

3) National insurance:

Seconded employees need EU Form E101 to demonstrate that they are integrated into the social fabric of the home state.

In order to have free access to medical services, employees also require EU form E104.

Employees who are staying in the home state or on site for the event, are liable for national insurance contributions in Austria.

4) Offer:

Participants in the “Wörtherseetreffen” are offered a comprehensive tax, business law and national insurance package at a reduced overall price of €300.00 on request from the Maria Wörth municipality. For any further questions and explanations, please contact:

Chartered public accountants
Lothar de Pauli
Tax and business consultants
Jesserniggstraße 21
9020 Klagenfurt

Tel: 0043 463 33 197
Fax: 0043 463 33 197 25
E-Mail: kanzlei@depauli.co.at