ACHTUNG NEU - TICKETBüRO in Maria Wörth, Seepromenade 5, 9082 Maria Wörth - TERMIN für das Wörtherseetreffen 2018: 9. - 13.5.2018
Wörtherseetreffen 2017 - Coming Home
Wörtherseetreffen 2017 - Coming Home
Wörtherseetreffen 2017 - Coming Home

Countdown to Wörtherseetreffen 2018

New feature!

If you book accommodation for the Wörtherseetreffen in the municipality of Maria Wörth, you will receive a small bonus of a restaurant voucher worth €10. The voucher must be obtained and also used only at the Wörtherseetreffen in the period from 24th to 27th May 2017 on presentation of the guest card or the electronic printout of the registration of your ticket and passport in the Tourist Information Office in Maria Wörth and in the ticket office in Reifnitz

Also new!

The ticket office moves from Reifnitz to Maria Wörth in the tourism information and is already open from 20 May 2017 (10.00 to 14.00). Here you can buy your tickets, merchandising and get the vouchers. The information office in Reifnitz next to the entrance to the municipal office is open for general information on Wednesday and Thursday (24. & 25. May) from 10.00 to 15.30 and on Friday from 10.00 to 14.00.
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